Having initially trained as a General Practitioner, Dr Alison Carroll then pursued a career in psychiatry. She was able to reflect these skills and knowledge in her subsequent roles as company doctor for many of Aberdeen’s businesses. For many years she held the position of Medical Director to one of the largest UK Occupational Health Companies, Abermed Ltd.

Dr Carroll has managed and taken part in the provision of Topside and Diving Emergency Services, has taught doctors and medics on the provision of health care in remote areas and is a recognised Appraiser of Doctors. Currently she is Medical Advisor to several major companies. She also provides advice to many smaller, specialist businesses.


With her background in general practice, psychiatry, emergency medicine and remote healthcare, Dr Alison Carroll brings a wealth of experience to CMC.

CMC Services

Screening Medicals
Sickness Absence Advice
Fitness to Work Assessments
Travel Health Advice
Drug and Alcohol Policy and screening
Training on medical matters
Medical Advisory Role
Audit of remote site health care sites
Advice on setting up medical facilities in new areas for business